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Discussion in ' Road Warriors ' started by yorgoMar 27, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. KGT will it explode? Joined: Jan 23, Oddometer: About the pull the trigger on a used KGT.

bmw k1200gt problems

Have been mulling it over for days now. Went to see it yesterday, it's a private seller. It is in perfect, conditions in my unexperienced opinion. I mean I sort of know what to look for.

I can't afford to keep both so I will have to go eventually. I'm more of a sport touring guy but have, over the last 2 years gotten used to the fat harley. So, I'm just thinking out loud here. I dont' know if I should get it or not. Ok get the K, which will drop my savings account balance in half. Sell the HD and get that money back and then some. Still, what if K bike's FD fails, what if cam chain tensioner comes apart HotChilliColdBeerMar 27, Joined: Mar 4, Oddometer: 1, Location: ADV Sponsors.

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Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. Bmw kgt. Paulvt1Jan 20, Joined: Mar 28, Oddometer: 3, Location: Wolverhampton.

Bmw k1300gt.

I seem to remember having a test ride on the GT a few years back. I remember using the term "jet powered armchair" along with a few choice expletive when the taps were opened. CortezJan 27, Joined: Apr 22, Oddometer: 7, Location: Croatia. ADV Sponsors.

I have ridden it many miles, it is a brilliant bike. Unfortunatly, he has had a number of problems with it. The K12 and the K13 are quite similar. I considered a K13 for a while, but decided against it. There's too many threads like this out there. Some say the reliability problems are overblown, I say where there's smoke there's fire.

MilarJan 27, Joined: Oct 9, Oddometer: Test ridden one only. Incredible bike. I personally like it better than the KGT. But would I buy one? Not a chance. Because I've also ridden a C14 Concours. Also incredible bike. Half the cost for a used one, better quality bike The last is just my personal opinion.From where we sit, the KRS has always been something of a jackalope. You know, the beast immortalized on wacky roadside postcards: a composite creature with a jackrabbit chassis grafted to the top half of a puzzled antelope.

The K-RS has the swoopy look and semiaggressive riding position of a corner-hungry sport-tourer. But its slow-revving-albeit-torquey engine, soft, tall suspension, clunky controls and prodigious mass make BMW's muscle bike reluctant to cash the checks its zoomy profile keeps writing. You can make one go fast, but we often get the sense it would rather slow down and graze the edelweiss. Enter the new KGT.

It's the bike BMW faithful have been clamoring for-the same engine and chassis as the K-RS, but with a more upright riding position, comfortable seat and protective fairing.

bmw k1200gt problems

A bike to ride all day, but without the heavy baggage, both physical and emotional, of a full-boat tourer like the KLT. The flopped four remains in RS tune-a claimed horsepower at the crank, which should translate to a real hp at the rear wheel.

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bmw k1200gt problems

Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. Is a used KGT serious bang for the buck, or what? DonsterJan 12, Joined: Nov 14, Oddometer: Location: 3rd Coast. Any flaws that one should be aware of in, say, a model? FizDogJan 12, ADV Sponsors. JimVonBadenJan 12, There is no RGT. RocketJohnJan 12, NativeSonJan 12, But it won't perform with the much-cheaper Blackbird or Busa, doesn't have the overall weather protection, luggage capacity the exhaust side bag is severely compromisedand comfort of something like the FJR or ST, and is quite cumbersome in the tight stuff compared to something like the RRT.

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It's somewhere right in the middle. Which is the best of all worlds or the worst of all worlds, depending entirely on your POV. Great motor on the earlier K bikes. But I felt the riding position was awkward, with fairly high footpegs and a long reach to the handlebars.

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Joined: Jun 3, Oddometer: I used to have a KGT. Too abusive for the ergos on long rides. Cramped leg room and tiny pegs leave the comfort level a bit less than desired. Its fast. My GT had a power commander and remus. Very quick! The weight of the Kmotor male it smooth. It is a brick and is very slow into the turns. Dont expect this to be anything like the R bikes.

Its a bit fo a misfit bike to me.By cprr, September 3, in K Bikes. What problems can I expect? I know a lot of potential issues are dependent upon service to date. Maybe a better question What should I look for?

Valvle Job, Alternator? Final Drive? Water Pump? Some revisions to original service periods and I think they've extended time intervals for coolant. Smooth runner, too easy to cruise thru small town in 2nd gear, roll out and oops, north of posted and still 2nd gear. The 93, miles has frightened all away. I can trade an 02 Falco with 15, miles The real question you should be asking is what is the service record on this bike and what is the status of recalls.

These bikes other than normal maintenance were pretty bulletproof. If the clutch fluid is very near the top of reservoir then you clutch may be a worn. Additionally, check the condition of normal service items like the brakes. I had a KRS, which was the same bike without the painted bags, barbacks, heated seat and electric window. I had mine for almost 70, miles and it is still a great bike.

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They are a good long distance bike. Find the crankcase vent hose. It should be just aft and slightly inboard of the 4 throttle body. It's a short and crocked hose that leads from the engine to the airbox. They are notorious for tearing and sucking air.

Open and clean every electrical connector under the tank. The injection system works with very low voltages and even a small resistance drop will change it's performance.

Remove, clean, and replace the throttle bodies.

First Ride: 2003 BMW K1200GT

While at it, remove and reseal new o'rings the little intake tubes that lead from the throttle bodies to the head.

There's an O'Ring under there that can also suck air. Same for the intake tubes. Inspect them for cracks and tears. Replace as needed. Be aware that spraying carb cleaner into the 4 throttle body will cause gunk to flow into the Throttle Position Sensor, which is attached to the end of the throttle shaft. You should remove the TPS first. Record some resistance measurements before removing so you can put it back on right. Don't turn the idle stop screw or any of the synch adjusters between each throttle body.

If you take the TPS off, cleaning it with a good contact cleaner is okay.Get the Flash Player to see this player. BMW's K series has earned a respectable following, by adding large doses of horsepower to the legendary BMW sport touring family.

ForBMW added a third member to the K bike line. The engine BMW says was new five years ago was, in fact, a stroked version of the original inline-four flying brick that I'm sure you'll correct me if I'm wrong, originated in the late 80's R.

Maurice Gibb. It was buzzy and heavy then. When it came time for the KRS, then, rather than build a new engine with internal counterbalancers like Honda or Yamaha or Aprilia or??? It works, sort of, but it strikes me as a band-aid fix you'd expect to find on a K-car or something. It adds weight at pounds all gassed up, we're 50 pounds heavier than an FJR Yamaha.

Something just tells me the K-bike line is overdue for a major makeover. And on the GT, those coarse vibes come through the grips in spite of it all anyway, loud and clear, beginning at an indicated 85 mph and rpm in top gear.

If you've never ridden a really smooth sport-tourer, it might not bother you. Another Unacceptable Thing would be fuel range; at miles, you are seriously looking for a gas station. And the fact that the front tire is offset, like an inch, to the left of the rear, doesn't really cause any problems as much as it just offends my notion that a motorcycle should be a single-track vehicle.

If the BMW made up for all that weirdness by being a lot less expensive than the competition, it would be one thing.

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The heated seat, as I learned on a recent transcontinental ride on a new RCL, is a fantastic thing and worth the price by itself if you ride a lot in cold weather. But on our bike it's not working. If I were you I would hold off on this K-bike.

Do yourself a favor and have a ride on an FJR if it's a powerful four-cylinder touring bike you want. Sample an Aprilia Futura; I lobbied for it to be Motorcycle of the Year when I was at Motorcyclist a few years ago, and my opinion of that bike hasn't changed.

Type: cc water-cooled Inline-four Bore x stroke: 2. Frame: cast aluminum alloy with horizontal, longitudinal engine position and rubber engine mounts Subframe: tubular steel. Front: BMW Telelever fork; 4.

bmw k1200gt problems

Front: 3. Thumb height: 42 in. Thumb-to-thumb: Fuel capacity: 5. Photos by MO Staff. Get Motorcycle. Terms of Use.Remember Me? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: KGT Problems. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I traded my RRT. The day I picked up the GT, I experienced throttle control problems. The throttle would stick open even though the throttle would roll shut. In addition to that, the power delivery was extremely jerky.

It was so jerky that it would upset the bike during cornering.

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I reported it to the dealer. They had not heard of the problems that I was having.

K1200GT will it explode?

Nothing could be found and at the breakin service and they said that they would update the software that controlled the throttle. They said that the update should fix the problem. Well, it did not fix the problem. The issue became so severe that the throttle would not shut off and I had to use the clutch to control speed.

They have replaced the airbox. I have not yet had time to ride it to see if it is truely fixed. I wanted to post this message in case others are having similar problems. I sent an e-mail to BMW concerning the situation, they never replied. Throttle sticking open on a hp motorcycle? Is BMW outsourcing to Audi? Bummer, I hope they do right by you and give you a bike that works!

Originally Posted by samburnett. I purchased a K GT last month.

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